10 reasons why you need aromatherapy candles in your life right now

10 reasons why you need aromatherapy candles in your life right now

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Aromatherapy candles are candles made with essential oils. These oils are concentrated substances that come from different parts of the plant. That means we can get its therapeutic benefits when we light them.

These candles not only look good and smell nice, they can also help us feel good! If you're undecided about aromatherapy candles, here’s why you should get them now.


01 Calming and relaxing

Many people associate lighting candles with relaxation. For example, lavender can induce calm. And, relieve stress by lowering our cortisol levels. Inhaling the scent of lavender can reduce stress and anxiety. It is also known to treat headaches and insomnia.

02 Improves mood

The fragrances emanating from the candles treat various psychological and physiological issues. From boosting energy to enhancing mental clarity. Having the ability to induce calm and relieve stress, puts us in a better mood. We do not feel agitated or grumpy for long.

03 Helps you get better sleep

Candles also help in maintaining natural sleep rhythms. Not only from inhaling lavender to cure insomnia and have a more restful sleep. Being in artificial lighting reminds your body that it is in “day mode”. Which doesn’t help in the winding down process to prepare for sleep. Lighting candles also limit blue light. This won’t tire our eyes and we are able to fall asleep better.  Be sure to put out the candle before you sleep!

04 Creates an ambience

The flicker and gentle glow of the flame help ease and soothe our minds. Aromatherapy candles also have the ability to transform an atmosphere through scent. Which changes how we feel in a space. Massage therapists often use candles to create a peaceful ambience in their rooms

05 Celebration and romance

As you may have seen, candlelit dinners are a staple for any romantic date. They also mark any celebration event such as birthdays. Adding a touch of aromatherapy into your candles will make them perfect gifts for others and yourself!

06 Adds decor into a space

Candles are definitely a stylish way to add any finishing touches to a room. They exude such subtle colours in unique places to make your space look cozy and calm. But make it your own! Looks and scents go hand-in-hand. Have a particular fragrance for each room if that’s what you like.

07 Fragrance

Aromatherapy candles are always a good choice to freshen up the smell of a space. We definitely need it to cover up any unwelcome odours. No matter the odour, we can always mask it with any of our favourite scents. Be it herbal & earthy, woodsy & masculine or floral & feminine.

08 Stimulates memory

We already know that inhaling scents can help us with our moods. But did you know that scent, emotion and memory are all intertwined in our heads? The limbic system in our brain is home to these 3! Candles scented with certain oils can help in our memory recall. Which makes them perfect for work and study. Examples are spearmint and rosemary [1].

09 Creates consistency

Many turn to candles as a calming ritual or as an air freshener replacement. Being consistent helps us be in a calmer state of mind and can be included as a personal ritual to reflection and relaxation. This helps us to maintain a clear head as new tasks are added in.

10 Travel

Having an aromatherapy candle is more than the scent. It's the benefits and contentment it gives you. Why limit it to only at home? Candles are also portable stress relievers! Take them on your travels so you can feel at home anywhere with your favourite scent.


With Calla Me Mellow, we make our candles with 100% organic essential oils. As you burn the candle, the smells of essential oils will fill the room. Research has proved that inhaling essential oils provide therapeutic benefits. We also make our candles in amber glass jars to create a sunset vibe when the candles are lit. The flame will give off a sunset-orange through the amber jars. Also, this makes them travel-friendly! You can take our candles with you anywhere.

Explore the many perks of having candles in your home. Relax, celebrate and enjoy with Calla Me Mellow.


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The article written represents the writers' opinions based on their findings. It is not meant to be expert/medical advice. Users are solely responsible for fully understanding the safety and risks of essential oils. 


[1] - Farr, S. A., Niehoff, M. L., Ceddia, M. A., Herrlinger, K. A., Lewis, B. J., Feng, S., Welleford, A., Butterfield, D. A., & Morley, J. E. (2016). Effect of botanical extracts containing carnosic acid or rosmarinic acid on learning and memory in SAMP8 mice. Physiology & behavior, 165, 328–338. https://doi.org/10.1016/j.physbeh.2016.08.013
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