About Us

Hello! We handmake aromatherapy products because we believe that you would enjoy its benefits as much as we had. Calla Me also believes how you use aromatherapy products is as important as the therapy itself.

We had bad experience using essential oils in roll-on bottles which would leak in our bags and stain our clothes.

Even balm jars would leave our fingers greasy after every use. It's even worse if we accidentally touch our eyes afterwards, yikes!

Calla Me Stick Balms are designed to be mess-free, quick & easy for you to use on-the-go.

No more oil leaks or stains from roll-ons. So you can keep your bags & clothes clean.

No more greasy fingers from balm jars. So you don't always have to keep cleaning your hands after every use.

You can rest assured that all Calla Me products are handmade using 100% organic USDA certified essential oils and ingredients. 

And, our products are formulated based on research from scientific publications, expert opinions, and personal testing.


Calla Me Stick Balms are so easy to use! 
Uncap stick balmTwist stick balmApply stick balm


Calla Me is a form of wordplay on the phrase "Colour Me". As the saying goes, "Colour Me Envy" which in turn makes you green with envy.

As our products are tube-shaped, it would act as a colouring pencil or crayon for when you apply it on yourself.

We named our Stick Balms following the Calla Me ____ convention for this purpose!

Calla up your life with Calla Me Stick Balms.