Why you should start using essential oil Stick Balms

Why you should start using essential oil Stick Balms


essential oil amber bottles

What is your favourite topical way of using essential oils? Stick Balm is our personal favourite. But here, we are going to introduce 2 other topical ways of using essential oils first.

All 3 ways take on different forms because of how we store them. They are all great ways of using essential oils. But, Stick Balms are greater 🙃

Essential oil storage is very important as they are very sensitive to heat and light. The best way to store them is in dark glass jars (we prefer amber jars) away from sunlight and in a cool, dry place.
Storing pure essential oils in plastic or stainless steel containers is not recommended. They might react with the material which reduces their shelf life. Diluted essential oils are not as strict, but it is best to keep them the same way.
Homemade balms are more forgiving. They are usually made in small quantities and generally have short shelf life. So, we can store them in any kind of containers.
1. Roll-on bottles
essential oil roll on bottle
The easiest way to store essential oil blends are in roll-on bottles. This provides an easy and even method of applying it on yourself. 
Roll-on bottles usually come in small sizes which makes it easy to bring around. Also, convenient enough that you won't have to dirty your hands. Unless you choose to massage it onto yourself. That's another great way of applying essential oils.
But, because the oils are liquid in form, there are instances where the oils will leak. And like any oil stains on your clothes by food, these oils will also stain your clothes over time.
At the first instant when you apply a roll-on oil, you will definitely be able to see the oil patch on your clothes. This is inevitable because of the nature of oils. 
From our experience, carrier oils play an important role in staining. Carrier oils are a major component of any diluted essential oils. So, it is important that the carrier oils we use are colorless. This is especially important for white clothes.
Trust us, cause we know 😅
2. Balms in jars
essential oil balm jar
Solid balms are a more preferred way of using essential oils. They are less messy. And less likely to spill or leak. This is because they are solid at room temperature. But, they will soften upon skin contact because of your body temperature.
The concentration of the carrier oils in the balm would determine how oily the balm would melt. Having too much carrier oil would result in a very oily base.
From our experience, these balms melt upon application. It would leave a rather obvious sheen on our skin as we look like we slathered ourselves in oil. 
It also means that any fabric that comes into contact with us will absorb into it which mean stains again 🙁



3. Stick Balms
Calla Me Breathe Stick Balm
This is our favourite way of using essential oils. It combines the best of both worlds.

Stick balms provide the easy application of roll-ons and the solidity of balms found in jars. This means convenient application, minus the mess. Which is all we are looking for.

Even if you wanted to massage it onto yourself, you could still do it with the stick balms!

We made our balms in smaller volumes for quick use so it won't affect the shelf life. If we made them in larger volumes, we would have to store them in larger jars. Then, we would be exposing the essential oils to the air more often. Thus, shortening their shelf life.

In the long run, it can alter the beneficial properties of essential oils via oxidation. Which is why we made our products in a smaller volume. For you to enjoy the benefits of essential oils to the fullest.


So why you should be using Stick Balms?
Calla Me Stick Balms are handmade for you to use essential oils quick, easy and mess-free.

We offer Stick Balms because we have not seen this application method around as much. It wasn't easy for us to find it available anywhere.

Because we love this application method, we wanted to share it with you. Whether you have been searching for it like us or you never heard of this amazing method until now!

We have been using balms and roll-ons ourselves so we know first-hand the pros and cons of them.

We know you hate the greasy feeling of some balms so we make sure our balms are not too oily for you. Yet, absorbable by your skin. We use a clear based oil so that the possibility of staining your clothes are lesser.

Our Stick Balms are also 100% organic. We use pure carrier and essential oils which are USDA certified organic.

We would only want to use the best on ourselves, and we know you deserve it too 😊




The article written represents the writers' opinions based on their findings. It is not meant to be expert/medical advice. Users are solely responsible for fully understanding the safety and risks of essential oils. 


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