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Calla Me Brainy Stick Balm

Calla Me Brainy Stick Balm

Focus & Productivity

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Get the brain boost to excel in your work and studies

Your ability to complete your tasks is as good as your ability to focus on them. Stress can get in the way of that. And when you’re working late, you’ll feel the fatigue setting in. But you need to meet the deadline.

Even when you’re studying, it’s only important that your materials get to your brain and stays there.

Introducing Calla Me Brainy

the stick balm that improves focus & concentration. Get into productivity mode to meet your deadlines 📈. Finishing your work means you can have more time for yourself!

Calla Me Brainy promotes mental clarity and improves memory recall. So you can study better and stay ahead of your peers.

Calla Me Brainy improves mood and energy. So that you can get the needed boost to complete your work when you're feeling tired.

Pair this with Calla Me Calm so that you can get a well-rested sleep afterward!


Comes in 5g, 15g, and 50g* sizes.

Handmade with 100% organic USDA-certified essential oils and ingredients.

Gifting options are available here! Do note that gift packaging is not available for request. 

* 50g stick balms are made to order. Processing time may be longer. Contact us via email or Instagram DM if you have any enquiries.



😌 Relieves stress

⚡ Stay awake longer
Eucalyptus, peppermint, basil & rosemary

🧠 Perk up your brain
Basil, peppermint & rosemary

How to use

Apply to forehead, temples, behind ears and back of neck. Suitable for inhalation when needed. Ensure to secure the cap after use.


Fractionated coconut oil, beeswax, eucalyptus*, peppermint*, basil*, rosemary*, lavender*

*essential oils

Handmade with 100% organic USDA-certified essential oils and ingredients.


Suitable for use on 2-year-olds onwards

This product is not meant to replace conventional medicine. Please do a patch test prior to use to ensure no skin sensitivity. If pregnant or under doctor's care, please consult your doctor. Keep out of reach of children.

keep in cool dry place away from sunlight
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Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
Pleasantly surprised

Really didn't expect to like the scent so much as it contains peppermint and I'm usually quite sensitive to it but I feel that this blend comes together really nicely and it's all really subtle. I really enjoy the slight cooling sensation as well, feel like it keeps me more awake and helps me to better focus :)

Glenda Lee

Felt more focused after applying the balm, I can finally do math now :D

Better Concentration

WFH can be difficult at times as there are many other factors that can make you lose your focus, but with this it keeps me refreshed and alert when i'm working.

Kuswara Robby

As someone with sinus, the scent of brainy hits the sweet spot.

It’s not overpowering like other ointments which can make me have watery eyes.

It’s refreshing and I like the fact that it’s non sticky/oily.

I use this daily to stretch my working hours. Hits better than energy drinks. Highly recommended :D

Marinah Mohamad
Love the Calla Me Brainy for work ;)

Great scent, also helps with breathing